My name is Milo Salminen (*1980), I live in Tampere, Finland and work where-ever I am called to. I am an artist, musiscian, crafter, nature-guide and noita. I hold an animistic worldview and walk the path of healer and magician, where inspiritation (in all it's meanings), creativity and curiosity are my fuel. My aim is to share the wonders and power that life has shown me. I feel nature-connection is the basis of our wellbeing, and by weaving together the inner and outer, the physical, spiritual and mental, we find profound healing for ourselves and the world.

Ever since I was a child I have loved the arts and felt a deep connection to the unseen worlds, embracing both light and dark. My mother was the first to teach me about the powers of nature and the mind. I have had the priviledge to sit in circle with many teachers of shamanism and magic. Some I met breefly, and with some I still walk. One of my most important human teachers on this shamaniv path is Chroistiana Harle ( solavoima.fi ). I am eternally grateful for her guidance and support!

With my hands I create spirit-rattles, amulets, ritual incense and other enchanted items. I work as a animistic healer and guide, seeing people one-on-one, and I host circles (drumming, singing, seremony, feasts of the year...) and have workshops on shamanism, nature, crafts, herbalism, enchanted singing, and other. I also am a  musician, performing with my drum singing my spellsongs

If you want to be in touch with me, ask anything, book a shamanic session, buy my crafts or want me to perform my music, please email lovesta.crafts@gmail.com

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